Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stop And Think

Not too long ago, someone asked me who the hardest band of the early 00s was. I thought about it and said No Warning. I was told that was the wrong answer and instead was offered the answer of Stop & Think. The reasoning was straight forward enough: the lyrics were imposing and confrontational from a group of virtual outsiders in what was at the time one of the most inclusive hardcore scenes: Boston, USA. The band was straight edge but made no bones about their contempt of... well, everybody. Stop & Think is the bridge for the change in Boston hardcore. By the time they were done Boston was experiencing a renaissance. Eroding was the Blood For Blood, Boston Beatdown image and by 2003 you saw the rise of the "Nu Scene", Lockin Out, and Painkiller. Stop & Think's comp LP was done by Painkiller and Lockin Out. A shining testament to their pedigree. They nailed the Outburst sound (and at times, maybe better). Included are both their demos and a live set on WWPI.

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