Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Indulge me for a moment and I will explain this in anatomical terms: Poison Idea is the blood that flows through the Burning Spirits genre; Gauze is the flesh and bone; Death Side is the skin and face.

Gauze is simply put a world away. They exist, we know they exist, we know they're great but they will forever be far away. They won't play the USA, ever. If you believe what you hear, the reason why not would astound most American kids: they don't care. The guys in Gauze are 100% happy doing their thing in Japan, when they gig they gig, when they record they record. They are dismissive to the perpetual growth of their following here in the USA. It is admirable. It is a damn shame, but it is admirable nonetheless.

Gauze is one of the best (if not THE) to ever play hardcore punk in Japan. They have six albums, all amazing. Very few hardcore punk bands can boast six good albums (and I don't just mean current or in Japan... I mean ever). The band still plays to this day in Japan, so if you're ever out there and you can see them, you need to do so. Their sound is everything you would expect to hear in a Burning Spirits band. Fast, chaotic, and skilled. Fans of Gauze swear by the band, because it isn't just what it is, but also what would be. It isn't enough to understand what something is, it is important to understand where it's been and where it's going. One knock on Burning Spirits / Japanese bands is that they don't survive for a terribly long time. Obviously there are exceptions to that statement, but no band can boast continuing on in the manner Gauze has since 1981. Gauze is a gem in a diamond mine, but make no mistake that their luster has always, and will always, shine brightest. Included is all of their albums, their EP, and comp tracks.


  1. What your doing is great, keep it up. Thank you.

  2. Incredibly Slang's Devastation in the Void is on spotify

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