Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Obliteration was the brainchild of the Nu Scene minds behind Painkiller Records (Chris "Cooch" Minicucci and Chris "CC" Corry) along with DFJ and Craig "Carms" Arms. Along with Southern California hardcore legend Jon Westbrook (Carry On, Knife Fight, Broke Needle) on vocals, Obliteration played USHC crossed with Scandinavian d-beat with vocals soaked in reverb.

They were only around very briefly. Their first show was at Chaos In Tejas 2009 playing the Cock Sparrer Emos show. They played Chaos In Tejas 2010 at the Nu Scene Shuffle show. The Nu Scene Shuffle show is arguably one of the greatest shows I have ever been to. Here's why: it took place at what is now The North Door in Austin. It was an after show that started at 2 AM. Because it was after 2, it was an open bar with all beer free. As for the music? The Nu Scene showed up sharing equipment and featured several of their bands, each playing three songs and they were off. In total the following bands played:
Mind Eraser - Scapegoat - Viper - Rival Mob - Obliteration - Mens Interest - No Tolerance - Step Forward - Waste Management

It was a tour de force. The show didn't end until around 430 AM. Obliteration was one of the standouts of the show. The band's intro "Megatons / World's Destruction" comes in with the drums and a stark riff to let audiences know its time for war. Unfortunately for Obliteration, like many Nu Scene bands, their time with us was too short. They released a demo and two EPs, This Is Tomorrow and War Is Our Destiny. In a time where bands try to pull a lot of gimmicks to get over as credible, it was refreshing to see Obliteration get over with so many aspects going on. It is tough for a band to excel at one style. Especially the daunting and ambitious cranking of the reverb on vocals. Obliteration was able to excel as a USHC band, a d-beat band, and nail the reverb sound. The stylistic hat trick, if you will.

Included is their demo and both EPs.


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