Monday, September 1, 2014

Horror Show

A band whose time was so brief and despite their platform (two releases on Deathwish Inc and playing shows in the Philadelphia modern hardcore circuit) still remained relatively enigmatic. After the end of Horror Show, their status as an enigma has simply devolved into obscurity. It is a tragedy. At one point in the early 2000s, melodic hardcore in the vein of American Nightmare was the way to go. We saw bands like The Suicide File, early Blacklisted, and others pick up. Despite this, Horror Show still remained unheralded by many, resigned to a cult following. The thing that stuck out most about Horror Show's lyrics was the measure of pain in them. Lyrics about loss, isolation, and general melancholia that continue to resonate today. It is no real wonder (to everyone else's enjoyment) that Nicky parlayed much of what was going on in Horror Show toward his current project Nothing. This is both of their releases and a live bootleg.

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