Tuesday, September 23, 2014


One of the most beautiful things about the internet and its relationship to hardcore punk can be summed up in one word: accessibility. Gone are the days of hearing about a band or a release, then having to scour around in catalogues or distros hoping you'd come across it or hoping to god you had a homie who happened to have it and then having to find a way to record a bad dubbed version of said band's release. A lot of people will try to romanticize those days and say that they were better. Read what I just wrote, does that sound like fun? I'm getting anxiety just thinking about going through that process. One of the earliest beneficiaries of the internet and accessibility was Outburst.

Outburst was one of those rare and obscure NYHC bands like a Show Of Force or Skinhead Youth until the early 2000s when they became the source of attention and discussion on the XMulletX board. For those of you who don't know what the XMulletX board is, it was a message board that was intended for more initiated types within the hardcore scene. You had to pass an entrance exam to be granted admittance on the board. To be honest, it was a really great model that no one has dared to emulate since (the Nuclear War Now board does something similar but not nearly as intense).

Outburst's time only generated a demo and one record. Both are NYHC classics. They nail that bouncy sound that became the cornerstone of the early Lockin Out roster (no surprise that much of the early Lockin Out personnel also posted on XMulletX). In 2014, we consider Outburst as essential NYHC and commonplace. It wasn't always the case, we have the internet to thank for that.


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  1. Excellent writing on this blog. I got into ny hardcore in 88 and first heard Outburst on the Where the Wild Things Are comp. They along with the Crumbsuckers, Lifesblood and the BadBrains were heavily in rotation; I wasn't a skin nor was I youth crew and was living in Minneapolis, the crust capitol of the midwest at the time.
    Keep writing!