Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sick Symptom

Hardcore is all about the stylistic ebb and flow. Certain styles, for inexplicable reasons, make their way back to the forefront of the subculture's zeitgeist. This has ranged over the years from the youth crew revival of the late 90s (and later the failed second attempt of the mid to late 00s) to that time when Holy Terror tried to make Integrity happen, over and over again. A more pleasant, and welcomed, resurgence is the early to mid 2000s USHC scene. You know the bands, they populated the lineups of all the early Chaos In Tejas lineups. Government Warning (really that whole Mid-Atlantic scene), Severed Head of State, Deathreat, No Justice, Look Back and Laugh... and so on. One such band taking their influences and turning them into a cue is newly minted Sick Symptom. Sick Symptom features part Dallas hardcore upstarts Jay Chary & Noah Boyce (of Six Feet Under act Modern Pain) and Ryan Hughes (of Narrow Head & Pulled Under) on the band. On vocals the band has the services of Justin Ogden (of Let Down and, later, Wrong Answer fame). This four song demo has a lot of the same bite and menace that made their predecessors what they were. Check it out. Looking forward to more.


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  1. Hey everyone the Pre-Orders for the Sick Symptom-Demo 7" are going up tomorrow morning at 10am(EST) Here:-http://cointossrecords.storenvy.com/There are 150 on Solid blue and 350 on black. i also have a couple of copies of the test press for sale only 10 were made. Also have some other stuff in the works, should have the Ends Meet Test Presses back soon, and will have the Killer Shades tapes up for Pre-Sale soon(only 100 first press). and working on the Spirits(ex-Test of Time and Beartrap) 7" and the Drug Control 7"(split releases with Straight and Alert Records) as well. check out the first 3 releases here-https://cointossrecords.bandcamp.com/