Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Straight Ahead

Straight Ahead is underrated. Say that out loud. Some initiated types would read that statement and probably laugh at its ludicrousy. Now here's why the statement matters: some people will read that post and say "who is Straight Ahead?" Here are the facts: Straight Ahead was a NYHC band during the scene's golden era. Straight Ahead featured some of the best guitarwork by any NYHC band ever. Straight Ahead is one of the greatest NYHC bands ever. Straight Ahead is a band that is polarizing by sheer virtue of the fact that the opposing argument to their value is anonymity. The Breakaway record is just as important to NYHC as Lower East Side Crew, the 87 Demo, Victim In Pain, and other classics. This link features the Breakaway record, the demo, a live bootleg and their portion of the End The Warzone comp

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