Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Impalers


Sensibilities are a matter of belief and possession. Everyone believes they have em, fewer possess them. In today's hardcore scene, sensibilities appear to come at a premium. Almost like how George Bush / Queen Elizabeth / FDR were all related, it is eerie that the best personnel in the game are all friends and typically appear in the same projects. The Impalers are a d-beat (the genre equivalent to pizza; everyone loves it and eats it up) band from Austin, Texas. The Impalers feature Chris Ulsh (of your favorite Texas bands), Mike Sharp (of Sungod / Hatred Surge), Victor Gutierrez (of Criaturas / Vaaska), Cody Cox (of Glue), and Juan Carlos (of Blotter).

The hardest part about d-beat is keeping it fresh and keeping it hitting. The number one critique of the genre is that it often wears itself out and gets repetitive. The greats like Discharge and Anti-Cimex were able to avoid this and kept evolving. For better, Scandinavian Jawbreaker, or worse, Grave New World.

The Impalers have simply injected more of their influences into the project and keeping the sound in the family. You can hear more and more Motorhead in The Impalers' releases as time has gone on. It is very subtle and genius. Discharge has sometimes been derided as a Motorhead imitator. The Impalers have simply circumvented the game. While 99% of the game is looking towards the likes of Discharge, Anti-Cimex for influence... The Impalers have gone straight to the source. In the course of it, they have come out far ahead of their contemporaries.

This is their discography.


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