Monday, September 1, 2014

The Marked Men

I was really sad the other night knowing that I had to miss The Marked Men's annual Rubber Gloves show in Denton. Living in Denton, you get treated to a lot of cool musical treats, but getting to see The Marked Men is one of the greatest. This is a band that can sell out venues most anywhere in the USA on their lonesome and I got to see them in the comfort of Rubber Gloves where the beers are 2 dollars and I can still smoke indoors. The Marked Men are the most important pop punk band of our generation. I am not kidding when I say that. When you chronicle pop punk from The Ramones to the Descendants to Screeching Weasel to around nowish you arrive at The Marked Men. Fix My Brain is a modern classic. Their other albums are also excellent. This is the stuff summer drives & autumn drives are made of. This is their four albums.

An addendum: when I was asking many of my younger friends in DFW if they were going to the gig, they responded that they had never heard of The Marked Men. This was very disconcerting to hear. I urge anyone who hasn't heard The Marked Men to do so at once.

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