Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Psychos

Earlier I talked about Bad Brains' influence on NYHC. Keep score on this: two of the first projects to emerge from a Post-Bad Brains NYC were The Pyschos & Beastie Boys, a year after that you had the Cro-Mags. Beastie Boys & Cro-Mags biographies are pretty straight forward. The Psychos is interesting. It was originally fronted by Roger Miret. Roger would eventually leave to start some band called Agnostic Front. It would also feature one Billy Milano who would go on to form crossover legends Stormtroopers of Death & Method of Destruction. The problem with The Psychos was two fold: 1.) they had a revolving door at both bass and vocals. this lack of consistency would ultimately hold them back and 2.) by the time the band had recorded the One Voice demo, the NYHC was no longer incubating, it was blowing up and blowing up fast. The Psychos are one of those bands that we've all seen before. GREAT sound and GREAT presence but just couldn't hold it together long enough to make something real happen with it. It truly is a tragedy as The Psychos are now resigned to the history books as a giant "what if?"


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