Sunday, October 12, 2014

Amdi Petersens Arme

This post goes out to one Timmy Hefner who said he would do a Chaos In Tejas 2015 if he could get Amdi Petersens Arme to perform at it. In other words, you all better listen to, love this, and clamor for Amdi Petersens Arme loud enough and long enough that they think it's worthwhile to play another gig.

European hardcore can broken into two schools: the cool & the laughable. It isn't difficult to tell them apart. The cool is basically bands that decided the 80s never ended and kept playing fast-paced USHC. Bands like Dead Stop, Invasion, Amdi Petersens Arme, Kielotaki, and more recently The Flex. The laughable is bands that decided the 90s never ended and have been trying to plant some kind of agenda under the flag of badly downtuned riffs and hilarious vocals. The cool end up at Chaos In Tejas. The laughable probably end up at This Is Hardcore. That's how you score it.

Amdi Petersens Arme is from Denmark. Denmark has a very strong hardcore punk tradition, especially in recent years. When you hear the term K-Town, you know you can expect good hardcore punk and you know it is Danish. Amdi Petersens Arme existed in the early part of the 2000s and they nailed the early Dischord sound. Fast, abrasive, and thought-out hardcore. Listening along to APA is a chase to keep up with them. They set the pace and, like an Olympic sprinter, they are always steps ahead. The band is criminally underrated in the present discussion of best 2000s hardcore bands. Especially when such a vast array of European acts have been adored by American audiences in recent years. Hopefully in the coming years this band will get their due as one of the Old Continent's finest acts. With any luck this reception can be held at Chaos In Tejas 2015 featuring a performance by Amdi Petersens Arme. Included is their discography. Enjoy.

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