Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Innumerable Forms

Innumerable Forms might as well be the personal nickname for the band's frontman Justin "Drug Free Justin / Dance Floor Justin" DeTore. In almost two decades, DeTore has shown audiences a vast repertoire of his stylistic interests. From the rock and roll influenced hardcore punk in R'N'R' & Battle Ruins, to a purveyor of powerviolence in Mind Eraser & Soul Swallower, to a lover of doom metal in Magic Circle, heavy metal in Sumerlands, a parade of hardcore bands too many to list, folk influenced rock in Vanishing Leper, and early 90s Finnish / Swedish death metal in Innumerable Forms.

Innumerable Forms is influenced heavily by the likes of bands like Afflicted Convlusion, Abhorrence, Unleashed, and Convulse. What makes Innumerable Forms sound so great is immersion. In truth, this is the secret that eludes most bands made up hardcore bands trying to change their sound stylistically. Most of the time (read: the bad bands), they just continue doing what they're doing and chug along with no real change to anything. These projects just look fake. You can't simply just say you're going to sound like this and do it. There is more to it than that. There always is. When you watch DFJ play with his various projects, you see a personal shift. They are not actually the same person. DFJ in Rival Mob is not the same as DFJ in Innumerable Forms. Different demeanor, different gait, different look in his eyes. That's why after all these years, regardless of the project, DFJ's projects have always been, above everything else, authentic.

Innumerable Forms is authentic. It sounds like something recorded in 1991 Turku. This is thanks to DFJ's care for his source material. He isn't trying to be like them musically as much as he is trying to be them personally. DFJ's greatest talent goes beyond simple instruments. It is his knack for the psychology of music. Understanding the minds of the people playing the style he is doing. This is far more valuable than any kind of musical chops. When you grasp the psychology, you grasp the sound, and when you grasp the sound you can do whatever you want with it. You are no longer constrained by the limits of the music put before you.

If you like death metal, I can not recommend this enough. As of right now all that has been released is the Dark Worship EP and a split with Blessed Offal. Hopefully in the future, there will be more, but for now this will have to do.


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