Thursday, October 2, 2014

Raspberry Bulbs

Raspberry Bulbs is the product of aspiration. Aspiration to relocate from California to New York City. Aspiration to strike out on your own. Aspiration to do something different. Raspberry Bulbs is the brainchild of Marco Del Rio AKA He Who Crushes Teeth (of Bone Awl). After the demise of Bone Awl, Del Rio had set up operation in New York and begun work on Raspberry Bulbs.

Raspberry Bulbs is a polarizing project. For many outside of the sphere of black metal, they interpret what they're hearing as garbage. For those within the genre's realm, Raspberry Bulbs is a more straight forward raw black metal project where Bone Awl straddled the lines between d-beat and black metal frequently. After a few demos (released in quick succession, much in the pattern of Bone Awl), Raspberry Bulbs released their debut LP, Nature Tries Again, to much fanfare. The band had quickly established itself as a veritable hegemon of the raw black metal game. Then... aspiration struck again.

After a brief dormant period, Raspberry Bulbs returned with their follow-up LP, Deformed Worship. Deformed Worship had a cleaner sound and increased production quality. Rather than continue their previous formula (albeit a successful one), Raspberry Bulbs released an album heavily influenced by bands like The Stooges. The album was very abrasive, snotty, while still maintaining some of the previous Raspberry Bulbs aesthetic. Much like their previous work was polarizing, Deformed Worship was derided by many of the band's die-hard constituency as an abandonment of their soul. On the other side of the fence, the band's earliest detractors became interested in Raspberry Bulbs lauding and welcoming the change in direction.

Overall, Raspberry Bulbs is a representation of someone using an artistic medium as a conduit for reflection in their own personal changes. It represents what happens to someone when they change where they live, leave their previous endeavors, and go through their own personal trials and tribulations. Listening to Raspberry Bulbs is actually listening to the transitions in Del Rio's life. Change in location, change in life, change in sensibilities, change in expression. It happens to all of us but rarely can someone capture all of that on record and still be good at it.

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