Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Tragedy is the most important USHC band of the last twenty years. What's more is their eventual rise to that title was seemingly written in the stars. The band features a who's who of American hardcore legends. Firstly the Burdette Brothers (Todd & Paul). Todd Burdette's CV is so staggering that it borders on laughable. Severed Head of State, Deathreat, Warcry, Trauma, Copout, and the legendary His Hero Is Gone. Paul Burdette also featured in Deathreat, His Hero Is Gone while also featuring for arguably the best US oi band of this generation in Criminal Damage. Joining the Burdettes is Yannick Lorrain, also of His Hero Is Gone and Billy Davis, also of Deathreat and From Ashes Rise. So for those of you keeping score here's what the lineup of Tragedy features:
- 3/5 of the most beloved US crust punk band of all time
- 3 members of one of the best USHC bands of the last 15 years
- A member of another of the best USHC bands of the last 15 years
- A member of one of the most beloved US d-beat acts

In addition to the band, members of Tragedy also run Feral Ward records. The band featured as a staple at the annual Chaos In Tejas festival (appearing more than any other band). The band has a long and thriving relationship with the Japanese hardcore community (this is an honor unto itself). The band has a pristine discography spanning four LPs, an EP, and a split with the legendary Swedish act Totalitar.

Hardcore is all about pedigree. Pedigree is not something that is obtained easily or by chance. It takes a long time and a lot of quality. To have pedigree in hardcore is rare. Tragedy is the definition of pedigree. Not only that, but they did it in a sphere of the subculture that is almost impossible to stay on top of. The name Tragedy on a show bill is a welcomed sight. The news of an impending Tragedy release is always cause for anticipation. This is their discography. If you don't have it here is what you are missing: two of the best hardcore LPs of last 15 years, an EP featuring arguably one of the best hardcore songs of all time "The Ending Fight", and other stellar releases.



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