Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Youth Korps

Justified Arrogance is doing something new and different. For the first time, a feature is being done by another person. Please welcome Jay Chary to the fold. This is his first contribution.

In the realm of hardcore, what used to be easiest to way to demonstrate one’s pseudo-intellectual insight when it comes to discussing a band’s discography? “I liked the demo better.” What used to be a mark of a fan that have stuck with the band from the beginning is now a red flag to call out that someone might be full of shit. However, what happens if the band’s discography extends only as far as a demo? Then maybe everything I said before this means nothing. But then again, maybe it doesn’t. Let’s go back and put “the demo” into context. What is THE demo? Is there a possibility of a demo existing that you could say “I liked the demo better,” and be correct 9 out of 10 times.

2 words: Youth Korps.

1982 was a big year for extreme music. 1982 gave us the Bad Brains self titled, Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, Voice of a Generation, among a laundry list of other seminal classics, including the equally substantial Youth Korps 1982 Demo. Not much is known about this band, and honestly that might add a bit of mystique to them. A random band from Connecticut pops up, puts out a demo that is incredibly ahead of their time, and then fades to black shortly later. Maybe some bands from their time still agonizing us with new music/performances to this day should have took some notes (not naming any names). This demo was pressed to a 7” and reissued by Crucial Response Records in 1991. If you come across it, don’t hesitate and get it. “Get a Gun/Sick of Pain” still holds the title of one of the hardest breaks ever in a hardcore song. Find out for yourself.

- Jay Chary

Included is the fabled '82 Demo.

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