Monday, November 16, 2015

Artist Profile: Matthew Adis

Art is an important aspect of the subculture. A lot of us who arrive here have done so because the world doesn't make sense for us. We come to the subculture where we find ourselves or learn more about who we already were. For a lot of us that means starting a band and playing music. For others it means starting a zine. For one group, it is art. Artists in the subculture pour themselves into their work in an environment that allows for them to explore the morbid, disturbing, and agitating. Few environments are as conducive to these creative elements as the subculture. Artists' work end up on flyers, shirts, record covers, and everywhere else in between. Too often, many of these artists will end up becoming overlooked. Justified Arrogance will be doing artist profiles to celebrate some of the subculture's best artists and their work.

Matthew Adis is an artist that was born and raised in Philadelphia. He began making art at the young age of 4 and has continued ever since. More recently, Adis has become a staple of the Philadelphia hardcore scene. He fronted the cult classic band Salvation while also being involved with Shirtless Thugs. More recently, Adis' sonic efforts have included Anxiety Hammer and Latisha's Skull Drawing. Adis' vocals almost have a Lovecraftian element to them. The sort of vocalization you'd expect to hear from Danforth after he's gone insane in At the Mountains of Madness. There's a sense of horror, hysterics, and, oddly enough, eloquence. Adis' vocals reflects a certain worldview that is also seen in his artwork. He cites tabloid headlines, Rod Serling programs, early 90s sitcoms, obituaries, and Philadelphia/SEPTA as his influences. Indeed it appears Adis often sees the peculiar, dreaded, and horrific in the most basic of objects like a human face. Already highly accomplished, Adis does not seem to slowing down any time soon and has even moved his artistic endeavors into jewelry as seen below.

-Noted Zines/Books (newest to oldest)-
'The Threshold of Atrocity'
'The Criminal Lipstick'
'The Earwig'
'The Life Unsaid'
'Cloud Removal'
'God On Drugs'

Zines, prints, shirts, and other items can be purchased below. Adis can be contacted through his store if you would like to inquire about commissions.

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  1. good call. one of the best and most unique vocalists/artists in the game.