Thursday, November 19, 2015

Japanese Legends Invade The West (G.I.S.M. & Death Side)

What an insane day it has been for fans of Japanese hardcore punk. 

By now you've heard the news. G.I.S.M. are playing in Holland on April 15th at the Roadburn Festival. This is their first show in thirteen years. More importantly, it is their first show outside of Japan ever. In the place of the late Randy Uchida is Souichi Hisatake (Forward, Gudon, Insane Youth AD). There are only a few people on earth who could ever hope to play in Randy's stead, Souichi is one of them. G.I.S.M. are fortunate to have enlisted his services. While many people are hoping to see Sakevi do some of his antics (something this blog derides), it will be interesting to see how the set will go. There are a million questions going into it. Will they play all of Detestation? How will M.A.N. songs sound should they play them? Will they play cuts off SoniCRIME TheRapy? I hope that the people in the room in Holland are there for the right reasons and not because they hope to see a freak show.

Not long after 9 PM EST this evening, news broke that Death Side will be playing the United States for the first time ever. The show will take place April 16th in New York City. For you ambitious types, yes, this does mean that you can see G.I.S.M. in Europe and try to hop on a flight back to New York for Death Side. The band reunited last August in Tokyo at a show held in honor of their late guitarist Chelsea. Since then, the band has played other shows and look poised to finally make their Western Hemisphere debut. There is no other information on this show yet, but when the lineup and venue are released, we will post it.

The last question to wonder in the wake of all must be "Gauze can't be too far off now, right?"

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