Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Band Spotlight: Indignation

Featuring members of Infernoh, Perdition, and Nomad, Indignation are New York City's newest champions of the raw punk sound. Following in the lineage of contemporary punk greats Perdition and fellow NYC noise punk rippers Zatuson, Indignation picks up where they left off. The band's demo is a full on d-beat noise assault. It does not let up from its blown out vocals, grating drums, and surgical hits of noise. More importantly, the people behind this band have made it clear through their careers that this is what they do and who they are. Indignation is not a sonic experiment so much as it is a lesson in the genre. With the band's pedigree on full display, it is evident from the outset that Indignation are poised to become one of punk's more beloved bands in the near future.

Outside of the demo's tape circulation, their live performances, and word of mouth discussion, Indignation have received little notice from the rest of the country. While Indignation spent much of the 2015's second half tearing apart shows with the likes of Severed Head of State (the band's first show) and Aspects of War, the band's profile has remained relatively quiet. When both the Framtid NYC show as well as the Death Side shows were announced, Indignation's inclusion left many everywhere asking the simple question: "who is Indignation and why are they on these shows?" Indignation is the future. If you don't already know, you will soon enough.

Punk's best kept secret won't be for very much longer.

This was the best demo from 2015.

Available exclusively from Justified Arrogance in digital form; special thanks to the band for allowing us to put it up

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